Anime NFTs: Top Anime NFT Projects

Anime NFTs: Top Anime NFT Projects

As NFTs have exploded on the scene, anime NFT artwork has shown itself to be exceptionally popular with digital art NFT collectors, investors, and hobbyists alike. Historically it was difficult to track digital art's history and origins, allowing copycats to easily claim digital artworks as their own. This all changed with the rise of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are incredibly popular in the anime world and result in one-of-a-kind digital anime assets that are bought and sold like traditional art. These tokens give owners exclusive access to the art itself in digital form, but could possibly be printed for use in the real world, as well.

NFTs had their best year yet in 2021, with more than $23 billion generated in trading. For anime NFTs, this momentum appears to be continuing forward, as well. Read on to find out more about anime NFT projects, the most popular anime NFTs on marketplaces today, and which anime NFT future projects you should be keeping your eye on!

Anime NFTs

Anime NFTs are a common passion for collectors and artists in the NFT space. The anime and manga community has even expanded substantially due to the increased popularity of NFT as it allows collectors to own a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of digital art in a style they love!

The rise of anime NFTs may also be attributed to the increase in anime series, books, and other forms of media becoming very popular in the western world. While the original drawings of manga and anime artists have not always been kept or well-preserved, NFTs provide a solution to this problem. These anime NFT tokens create a way for the art to be appreciated, preserved, and enjoyed today and in the future.

Thanks to NFT technology, anime and manga art has now been made more accessible, with creators able to start minting NFTs and distributing their creations across the globe through popular NFT marketplaces like UCOLLEX.

10 Anime NFTs Worth Checking Out

Are you an anime fan? If so, now is the perfect time to get started with your anime NFT art collection! When it comes to anime NFTs, there are endless options available on the marketplace today. To help you find some of the most popular anime NFT collections, we’ve put together a list for you to check out:

#1: 0N1 Force

0N1 Force sparked the craze of anime NFT projects with the popularity of their collection. This NFT project launched in August 2021 and sold out within minutes. The popularity of this artwork is due to the vibrant colors and the number of characters with their unique traits, style, and accessories. Being immediately popular as it launched, many online celebrities and social media influencers bought into the collection.

The current NFT floor price for 0N1 Force is 0.2 ETH (roughly $225), although the average price is $454. This project has 7,777 tokens which are held by 4,293 owners with a total sales value of $38,120.

0N1 Force had an amazing start in 2021 and it appears that this project is going strong. It’s worth noting, however, that the CEO of 0N1 Force resigned in early 2022. That said, this project is showing no signs of slowing down in popularity with the anime and manga community.

#2: Azuki

Azuki has become the face of anime NFT projects for many collectors. This project has a traditional Japanese art style combined with pop culture. The anime PFPs and characters each have their own background story and traits.

Azuki launched in January 2022 and is currently one of the highest-ranking anime NFT projects in the world by volume and is the fastest rising NFT. The team behind Azuki has plenty of experience, previously working at large companies in the online space like Facebook and Blizzard.

The current NFT floor price for Azuki is 9.15 ETH, with an average price of 10.1 ETH. While this is astoundingly high, it’s actually not as high as the past floor price which exceeded 23.9 ETH! There are 10,000 tokens held by 5,149 Azuki holders with a total sales value to date of $3.03M.

There is a clear roadmap for the future of Azuki NFTs that fans can follow. They’re releasing secondary collections alongside having other developments in the works. This project will continue to appeal to anime lovers due to the high quality of the artwork, the availability of physical merchandise, and the development of an entire metaverse plan.

Visit UCOLLEX to discover the world of anime NFTs and grow your collection!

#3: Karafuru

Karafuru is inspired by traditional Japanese cartoons and has a completely unique and distinctive look. The vibrant colors and playful characters were born from the mind of artist WD.Willy, who collaborated with the Museum of Toys to create this collection.

This anime NFT project launched in February 2022 and sold out very quickly. It also has a massive social media following.With a current floor price of 0.45 ETH and an average price of 0.508 ETH, the collection is made up of 5,555 tokens held by 3,678 Karafuru owners. Although it’s not a full blue-chip project, it’s still performing quite well. The total sales value of Karafuru is $195,790.

The future of Karafuru is exciting. The team is planning on releasing physical merchandise and toys and recently released Karafuru 3D NFTs, so it’s a project to watch, for sure!

#4: Kiwami Genesis

Kiwami is a fairly new NFT project to the marketplace. This Japan-based anime NFT project debuted on the Ethereum blockchain in March 2022.

The collection has 10,000 avatars and describes itself as "a collection of 10,000 avatars for a next-generation collective of artists, builders, and rule-breakers. Carefully designed in the metaverse & born in Japan, holders have access to exclusive Kiwami offerings and the opportunity to shape our collective future." Each of the Japanese-style designs are stylish and beautiful, and the anime PFPs each have a cool look.

The current sales floor is 0.145 ETH with an average of 0.196 ETH and a total of 10,000 tokens held by 4,088 Kiwami Genesis owners. At the time of writing, the total sales value of Kiwami Genesis was $49,390.

The future of Kiwami looks promising! This project plans to continue releasing physical merchandise and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will hold the project's treasury.

Getting interested in buying anime NFTs? Visit UCOLLEX for the best offerings around. Not only do we have a variety of anime NFT projects, but you can purchase NFTs with just a credit card; no crypto required! This helps this marketplace stand out against others that require all transactions to be done using crypto and brings NFTs to everyone.

#5: Hikari Official

Hikari is called the "Home of Misfits." This anime NFT series has a sophisticated look and is based on a world of legends and lore. Its collection is the creation of the teams at Chainlink and Jeez and was minted in April 2022.

The price of Hikari is still very low, as it is a new collection. The floor price of Hikari is 0.015 ETH, with an average price of 0.02 ETH. There are 5,553 tokens available with total sales at $978.95.

The roadmap for Hikari looks incredibly exciting. The team is set to create and publish a comic book, a clothing brand, and games. Keep an eye on this project for exciting developments in the future.

#6: Akuma Origins

Akuma Origins has a very distinct style with an aesthetic that mimics illustrations. This collection  combines styles similar to the band Gorillaz and the anime series Naruto. The unique art of Akuma Origins makes this NFT collection stand out for collectors, investors, and hobbyists.

The characters in this anime NFT project are aliens, known as Yokai, created with a hint of the anime style. These artworks are sure to appeal to many collectors who are looking for unique additions to their portfolio. Once you own a Yokai, you can enter the realm through a portal. Akuma Origins have designed what the creators call a "phygital" world.

The current sales floor price is 0.146 ETH with an average of 0.214 ETH. The total sales from its debut in April 2022 are $11,280 and 1,816 Akuma Origins owners hold 5,555 tokens.

The future roadmap for Akuma appears to include an Akuma kids-styled design. This will certainly be an anime NFT project worth keeping an eye on.


HAKI NFT, while an anime NFT, was designed from the start to exist in the physical world. This anime collection also includes clothes, events, holders utility, and airdrops. When you purchase one of the 5,000 unique Hakis, you will unlock these benefits in the real world.

The current sales floor for HAKI NFT is 0.045 ETH, with an average of 0.073 ETH. There are 5,000 unique tokens currently held by 2,951 HAKI owners with a total sales value to date of $17,210.

HAKI is an excellent entrypoint anime NFT collection for anime and manga fans who wish to start building a portfolio of their own.

#8: Shonen Junk

Shonen Junk comes from the co-founder of Crunchyroll, James Lin. Crunchyroll is a well-known and much-loved anime distributor throughout North America. Truth be told, the explosion in the popularity of anime in America can probably be attributed to Crunchyroll!

The artists behind Shonen Junk anime NFTs have worked on some of the best anime projects in the past. The anime PFPs are well designed with more than 200 unique traits.

With a current floor price of Shonen Junk of 0.109 ETH and an average price of 0.152 ETH, there have been a total of 7,677 sales with 9,001 Shonen Junk tokens currently in circulation.

The future of Shonen Junk is very exciting. Holders of Shonen Junk NFTs can expect access to future anime NFT drops.

Collectors of Shonen Junk NFTs can also show off their collections at UCOLLEX!

#9: Muri

Muri is the latest anime NFT project by HAUS. What makes the anime PFPs of Muri unique is that they are facing forward instead of off to the side, as most other anime PFPs are. The characters are set in Night City, a world created by HAUS. These anime NFTs also have cool accessories like guns, lightsabers, and swords. The vibe of this artwork is darker and less playful than other anime NFT projects, but has found a great fanbase.

The current sales floor for Muri is 0.28 ETH with an average of 0.282 ETH. The sales total value is $106,540 with 6,035 Muri owners holding 10,000 tokens.

Future plans for Muri include physical merchandise as well as a tangible manga collection. HAUS is also planning on incorporating Muri into the large HAUS ecosystem.

#10: Ragnarok Meta

Last, but certainly not least on our list of anime NFTs is Ragnarok Meta. This anime NFT project finds its appeal with people who enjoy anime games as it’s enveloped in deep lore and falls under the umbrella of a metaverse and web-based RPG. This unique metaverse allows players to interact with one another, play mini-games and explore the vast universe and multiple dimensions.

To enter this metaverse, players must purchase Ronin Zero NFTs, which consists of 7,777 avatars. These avatars are all designed in the anime style and form the game's central characters. The avatars have plenty of accessories to make each character unique.

The current sales floor for Ragnarok Meta is 0.4 ETH with an average of 0.472 ETH and sales total of Ragnarok Meta is $211,530. There are 7,774 tokens held by 3,250 Ragnarok Meta owners.

Ragnarok Meta is not going anywhere anytime soon. This project is much loved by anime fans, helped by the fact that it is backed up by manga.

Anime NFT Projects To Watch

Free vector graphics of Galaxy

Anime PFPs are one of the biggest trends in the NFT space right now, but all kinds of anime artwork are popular. If you think about it, such a visual artform had to become popular in the NFT space! That said, there are always new anime NFT projects coming up and launching. Let’s take a look at two of them:

  • PXN: Ghost Division
  • The Aswang Tribe

PXN: Ghost Division

Phantom Network NFT (also known as Project PXN NFT) released Ghost Division in May 2022. This anime NFT project was incredibly hyped up, and for good reason. The project features 10,000 anime-styled ghost characters which exist in the PXN ecosystem.

Some people, however, were disappointed after the reveal of the collection. Several anime NFT enthusiasts took to Twitter to complain about the lack of uniqueness and similarity to other famous anime characters like One Punch Man. In response to the criticism, PXN released blank NFTs as placeholders which will be released as either Epic or Legendary PXN NFTs in time.

The current floor price of PXN: Ghost Division is 0.4 ETH. The 10,000 tokens are owned by 6,268 PXN: Ghost Division holders. Despite the online backlash, the total sales for Ghost Division at the time of writing is a whopping $370,440.

The Aswang Tribe

Aswang Tribe launched in June 2022 and is probably the anime NFT project that is the largest step away from the traditional style of anime NFTs. It will be an interesting project to keep track of, as it differs so greatly from what many collectors have been seeking in the past.

The Aswang Tribe has a lot of followers on social media, and an active community keeps track of the NFT minting and drop. The project is made up of 3,333 tokens consisting of 1,111 Tikbalang, 1,111 Siyokoy, and 1,111 Duwende. The overall theme is inspired by mythology from the Philippines.

This collection is described as "a one-of-a-kind digital collectibles ecosystem that features Day 1 Staking, Day 1 Breeding, and one of the most wildly creative communities." Each Aswang must achieve "prayer levels" through staking. The current floor price for this anime NFT project  is 0.17 ETH, and the average is 0.188 ETH.

As you can see, anime NFTs have taken the NFT marketplace by storm. With so many different fan bases to explore, styles to enjoy, and opportunities to own unique artwork of your own, it’s no wonder the momentum of anime NFTs has continued to rise. Check out your favorite NFT marketplace and get started building your collection now!

Show at ucollex

Show at ucollex

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