Toy Collectibles Guide

Toy Collectibles Guide

From stamps to Pokemon cards, there are collectible items for all tastes and objectives today. When deciding what to collect, however, there is a lot to consider. You need to choose something that genuinely interests you so you can be sure you will enjoy it.

You also need to select something that has value and is of significance for it to be a good investment.

Toy collectibles tick all of these boxes.

Not only are toy collectibles a lot of fun to collect, but there is the possibility of making a great return on your investment. You can even combine them with an investment in your first NFT collection, as toy collecting has expanded into the digital space. This new venture has brought nostalgia into the modern world.

In this guide, we’ll explore toy collectibles in more depth, providing you with great insight into NFT toy collectibles and how this has rapidly become the newest area of investment of today.

What Are Toy Collectibles?

When it comes to toy collectibles, we aren’t talking about your slinky from the 80s or that Super Soaker that helped you dominate the block in the 90s. What are toy collectibles, then? Toy collectibles occupy a very unique space. They pose an interesting question: when does a toy stop being just a toy and become a collectible item? 

One toy brand that is thriving at the moment is Funko, a company with a net worth of over a billion dollars! The brand sells a modern toy collection consisting of vinyl figurines, including faces we all know and love, from Notorious B.I.G. to Baby Yoda. 

When Does a Toy Become a Collectible?

A toy collectible is not a doll or action figure that you would play with. At the same time, it is not something that you simply put on the shelf. 

Toy collectibles are driven by the age-old passion for completing collections and owning something associated with a movie or brand you love. It is a way of expressing your personality. Many collectors say collecting toys creates a sense of accomplishment. Others say they enjoy the fun of the quest and thrill of the hunt.

Popular Toy Collectibles

There can also be great value and other benefits in collecting toy collectibles, as well. Some brands have really taken off in popularity and notoriety over the years. Let's take a look at some of the most popular toy collectibles and some iconic toy brands you’ve probably heard of.

KAWS Figures

There is only one place to begin and that is with the iconic toy brand KAWS. KAWS figures have relatively few bells and whistles when compared with comparably expensive, premium action figures. That said, they have what some would deem a cult following around the world. These toy collectibles are produced by the company Medicom with items made from vinyl and measuring roughly 11 inches in size. 

The first KAWS figure was created in 1999 by Brian Donnelly, an ex-Disney illustrator and was eight inches in size. It had white gloves, noodly limbs, and a round belly, immediately reminding people of the cartoons made famous by his former place of work.


Another popular toy collection is known as JANKY. This collection features a limited edition range of toys that have been designed by 16 world-famous artists. We have seen JANKY figures move into the NFT space in recent times, known as Superplastic NFTs.

Guggimon by Superplastic

Like Janky, Guggimon has also moved into the NFT space, created by Superplastic. In fact, this rabbit character is considered somewhat of a mascot for the brand and is described as a “naughty bum w/ a horror obsession.” Minting an NFT means investors, collectors, and hobbyists can add Guggimon by Superplastic to an NFT collection for bragging rights and potential profit down the line.

This is just a handful of the different iconic toy collectibles from over the years. We are now seeing creators launch their toy debut NFT collection. Some are based on previous iconic toy lines and others represent entirely new creations.

Is Toy Collecting Profitable?

Now that we’ve answered the questions, “what are toy collectibles?” the next question people tend to wonder is if toy collecting is profitable. As in any area of collecting, it all depends on how rare and coveted the toy is. If you get your hands on a toy that’s in limited supply, you can easily make money on your investment. For example, popular toys of the 80s and 90s may maintain their value depending on the shape they’re in. Nostalgia and popularity combine to give these vintage toys value for collectors.

The biggest excitement in toy collectibles today, however, is in the development of toy NFT collections. We’re seeing the likes of digital artist Bryan Lopez work with toy brands like Toys “R” Us to create NFT collections that appeal to a loyal and expanding community.

NFTs represent the largest digital marketplace and are truly thriving at the moment. What makes an NFT toy collection so special is that you cannot exchange one NFT toy for another. They’re unique or of limited edition. For example, if you trade one NFT toy collectible for another, it won't have the same value because it has different characteristics, origin history, and so on. This drives profit, making an NFT collection incredibly exciting for any collector and giving toy collecting a bright future.

What Are the Benefits of Owning Toy Collectibles?

There are a number of benefits associated with NFT toy collectibles and physical toy collectibles. While some are universal, others are personal to the collector themselves.

Some of these include:

  • Physical display
  • It’s fun to collect
  • Blending art and toys
  • Investment value of toy collectibles

Physical Display

Kicking off our list of the benefits of owning toy collectibles: displaying them! There are thousands of different types of toys from around the world to collect and own. As a toy collector, you can collect any toys you want. Whether these are toys from a specific region or a certain time frame, the challenge is yours to pursue the toy collectibles you love and add them to your unique collection.

It’s Fun!

There are many benefits associated with collecting toys from the world's most beloved toy companies. One of the most personal reasons to collect is that it’s fun! Not only do toys have significant value, but they are considered art as well. With so many different types of toys for you to choose from, from Funko Pop to old-school classics, you can build a collection that is tailored to suit your tastes.

It Blends Art & Toys

Not only can you tailor your toy collection to suit your needs and taste, but you can enjoy the artwork associated with toys, as well. Modern toy creators are some of the most prestigious artists in the United States. It is fascinating to look at some of the different artwork on the toys today and many collectors consider their toy collectibles to be no different than an art collector purchasing paintings. 

They Can Be Valuable

Personal preferences and excitement aside, toy collecting can also be valuable. This isn’t limited to monetary value, as there can be a historical value, as well. In terms of monetary value, however, toy collectibles have proven themselves to be strong investment opportunities (for the right toys).

With new ventures into NFT toy collectibles, this trend has an upward trajectory and will most likely continue to grow in the coming years.

Toy Collectibles & Digital Collectibles

Physical and digital collectibles are merging and growing in popularity. A lot of people who have been interested in toy collectibles are now moving into the NFT collectibles space, benefitting from both. NFT collections represent a bright new future for toy collectors.

Toy Collectibles

Unusual investment approaches, such as collecting toys, can generate high returns. For example, the secondary market prices for classic LEGO sets are astounding, with returns growing by an average of 11% per year according to the Research in International Business and Finance journal from the HSE University economists. This growth is actually faster than typical growth rates for bonds, stocks, and gold!

There are a number of different reasons why toy collectibles represent such an exciting space for collectors. One of the main reasons is the nostalgia associated with collecting toys. It takes us back to our childhood. This is one of the reasons why Pokemon cards and plushies are still so highly coveted. We all remember opening Pokemon packs as a child and collecting now lets us experience the feeling all over again. The same applies to toy collectibles. 

Aside from nostalgia, there are a number of different toys that are available in limited quantities, driving value up even further. After all, goods are more valuable when considered a limited edition. Scarcity is a major factor in the value of toy collectibles and NFTs alike.

Because of the investment potential, it’s no surprise that more NFT creators are delving into the toy space. This includes digital artist Bryan Lopez as well as many others.

How cool would it be to have your own NFT collection that enables you to own and transfer toys that no one else in the world can have? NFTs represent the largest digital marketplace at this time and the toy collectible enthusiasts are a loyal and expanding community.

In future years, there’s no doubt we’ll see more famous toys become minted as non-fungible tokens. The strategic pairing of toy collectibles and NFTs is only the start of what is to come, with separate and  rare editions being released to open up an entirely new world of investment opportunities to toy collectors worldwide.

Digital Collectibles

While there is a strategic pairing between digital collectibles and real toys, there are also some advantages that an NFT collection has over a physical collection. One of the biggest issues that a lot of toy collectors have is that they simply don’t have the physical space to house all of their collections. Being completely digital, this isn’t something you have to worry about with NFTs! You can carry your collectibles with you at all times in the palm of your hand.

Digital collectibles are not a new phenomenon, especially since NFTs have taken center stage. Nevertheless, the new trend of combining toy collectibles with NFTs enables collectors to bring together technological advances with their childhood passion for toy collectibles. 

Wax has brought about the vIRL NFT format, which gives collectors the ability to own physical and digital collectibles together. With vIRL NFTs, you have a representation of physical toy collectibles in the form of tokens within the blockchain. 

Bringing these digital collectibles to the blockchain enables the trading process to be a lot easier. Imagine if you own a vIRL NFT collectible but have not yet redeemed the physical figurine. You can sell that collectible with ease in just a few seconds without the hassle of shipping a physical item to the new owner. Not only this, but when a toy is in NFT form, it’s a lot easier to showcase and store. 

A lot of the big manufacturers have teamed up with Wax to create collections on the blockchain as they recognize the potential of digital toy collections. A new Hot Wheels collection of 17,010 NFT packs was recently launched by Mattel on Wax. Of the entire collection, 5,400 incorporated a limited-edition, rare physical diecast. 

There have also been a number of NFT collections launched on Wax by Funko. According to data from DappRadar, Funko NFT collections on Wax have created a trading volume upwards of $40,000. 

When you consider how established Funko is already, this amount isn’t a small contribution to the franchise. With the increasing number of traders interacting with Funko collectibles, it’s evident that the demand for the digital version of these popular and funky figurines will continue to increase.

Investing in Digital Collectibles

Wondering how you can make the leap from toy collectibles to investing in digital assets and building your own NFT collection? Digital toy collectibles are easily purchased directly from the business that has created them or on an NFT marketplace, where collectors can purchase and sell them.

The majority of the digital collectible marketplace demands that you utilize cryptocurrency to complete your purchase. You can find items on one of the NFT marketplaces, such as UCOLLEX, Rarible, SuperRare, and OpenSea. The cryptocurrency you need to use for your purchase may vary depending on the marketplace you use, but the most common is the Ethereum blockchain, requiring you to use Ether. 

If you decide to make a direct purchase from the business that produces the collectibles, such as DraftKings or NBA Top Shot Marketplace, you may be able to use your credit card to pay for such items. They will hold collectibles for you in a custodial wallet or you can transfer them to an external wallet at another time.

Other emerging leaders in the NFT marketplace like UCOLLEX are allowing you to buy NFTs with a credit card, as well. These adapting marketplaces will rapidly lead the way to bringing in new investors as they open up the world of digital toy collectibles and NFTs to more people.

So, if you are purchasing a digital collectible based purely on the idea that it is going to increase in value, you need to make sure that you have the patience and the willingness to hold onto it. The good news is that, unlike physical collectibles, your digital collectibles do not need to be stored and maintained. There is no risk of you damaging your digital toy NFT, whereas the same cannot be said for physical toys. As a consequence, the cost of owning a digital collectible is virtually zero. 

Part of investing in digital toy collectibles and NFTs is also making sure you know how to sell them for a profit when you choose. The cost associated with selling a digital collectible from your NFT collection is typically a lot lower than selling a physical collectible. The marketplace commission is the only potential fee you will be faced with versus shipping and insuring physical goods. As a result of the lower expense, a poor investment may not set you back quite as badly in the digital world as it would in the physical world of collectibles.

If you do wish to invest in toy NFTs for your NFT collection, it is important to make sure you spend the time assessing all of the different options out there. With so many options available, choose something that you are passionate about and that excites you. This makes the experience much more enjoyable and can begin a fantastic new investment journey. After all, isn’t that what toy collecting is about? 

Following this guide to toy collectibles and NFTs will set you up to get started building your own collection. As with any investment, be sure to research your options first to be sure you’re making the best decisions for you. Welcome to the new age of toy collectibles. Have fun!

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