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Collecting should be fun and engaging

Ucollex provides a place for the collecting community, where it can create, collaborate and show-off their art and collectibles freely. We make the process of collecting more fun with art-battles, livestreams, exclusive drops and mystery boxes. through the content artists and collectors can connect in a more personal way.

We believe in digital asset ownership

Both artists and collectors should have a way to verify the ownership of their art or collectable. no one should be able to make a profit off someone else's assets. That’s where NFTs comes in handy. Thanks to that, you will have solid proof that you own the art that you create or collect.

Technology should have no barriers

For most users NFT feels like something distant, confusing and hard to understand. This should be changed. We provide users a possibility to buy and sell art with credit card without a need to figure out how to open a cryptocurrency wallet. Now you can enjoy the benefits of modern technology without diving deep into it.




Narrowing the Gap

Things that will bring your collectibles to the next level. You’ll never look at your collection the same way again



Enjoy your collection even more with exclusive content and features that will make your experience with UCOLLEX unforgettable


Gamified Shopping

What we are doing to make your collecting experience interactive and fun


Creator’s compass

AR to see your collectibles right in front of you Transfer Out, to mint collectibles into NFT on ERC-721 standard


Get involved

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